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We as Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers recommend lab-grown diamonds for multiple reasons such as eco-friendliness, socially responsible, value for money, light on pocket and its beauty.

While love is a luxury, material wealth like jewelry is more valuable to a woman. You must have come across the popular saying – diamonds are a woman’s best friend. From ancient times to modern ones, numerous societal traditions have been built around diamond jewelry. Since decades diamonds are valuable to a woman. A woman has never said that she has enough jewelry. Diamonds are indeed considered to be the costliest stone in the world and often only the wealthiest of people can afford to own one. Diamonds are expensive because of their unique characteristics like sparkle, rareness, foreveness, and everlasting.

The growth of Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers

But with the growth of technology there came into existence lab-grown diamonds which are identical to the mined diamond on all grounds. These lab-grown replicate exactly the same characteristics of mined diamonds. These diamonds have same sparkle and shimmer as mined diamonds. They have the same hardness due to which lab-grown diamonds are also forever and everlasting. These diamonds too never get old and are perfect to hold your memories. And the major benefit these are comparatively cheaper than mined diamonds, making it an “affordable luxury”.

Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers

Lab-grown diamonds referred to as man-made or synthetic diamonds or HPHT diamonds or CVD diamonds have been in the works as early as the 1940’s. Due to their unique characteristics (thermal conductivity, hardness/use as an abrasive, optical transparency, and high electrical resistance) diamonds were initially manufactured for industrial applications. It’s widely accepted that the largest breakthrough occurred when GE created its first batch of lab-grown industrial diamonds in December 1954 and announced the creation of the first man-made diamond in February of 1955.

By 1971, GE had managed to grow gem-quality diamonds for the first time, using seeds of natural diamond in a process now known as HPHT, still the primary manufacturing technique today. Gem quality lab-grown diamonds have been commercially available since the late 1980’s. With the improvement in technologies, the lab-grown diamonds started being exactly same to mined diamonds, in physical and chemical properties.

From 2013 reports, there emerged a rise in the undisclosed use of lab-grown diamonds being found in set jewellery and within diamond parcels sold in the trade, attributable to their indistinguishable properties as to mined diamonds. Due to the relatively inexpensive cost of these diamond, as well as relative lack of knowledge, large quantities of synthetic diamonds were used unethically in that period.

A process of Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers

To sum-up lab grown diamonds are grown in high controlled laboratory, where same temperature and same pressure under earth’s crust is replicated. They have a same chemical and physical properties as a mined diamond. They are not distinguishable with mined diamonds from bear naked eyes. They are comparatively cheaper to mined diamonds making it pocket-friendly. It’s cut like a diamond, it shines like a diamond and, essentially, it actually is a diamond. But it didn’t form underground.