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Diamonds of the Future and light on pocket.

¨Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but those shiny stones don’t necessarily have to break the bank if you buy a lab-grown diamond.¨

About – Amiable Diamonds – Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturer

Founded in 2014, Amiable Diamonds have been a pioneer in lab grown diamond manufacturer. We always strive to provide our customer with consistent quality in fastest lead time possible. We intend to ensure uniformity in quality by releasing an assortment of consistent similar quality diamonds every month for sale. Currently, we sell both rough and loose polished diamonds. We strongly recommend lab-grown diamonds because of its multiple benefits and price competitiveness.


We believe that new technologies and their development must exist in continuous harmony with the environment, replacing the antiquated methods of obtaining diamonds that bear the irreparable human impact on nature.

Thereby, the main advantage of Amiable Diamond Technology, LLC synthetic single-crystal diamonds is that we:

  • use less energy required to produce the same amount in comparison with mining;
  • provide cleaner conditions compared to the diamond mines, which spoil the natural beauty and quality of the environment;
  • are more socially responsible, by eliminating the phenomenon of conflict diamonds in our production.


The most important key to the success we see in our people – they are true professionals from different countries. They put their hearts and love into what they do.

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